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Our Vision & Mission


  • To Facilitate sustainable development of the oil palm sector through the provision of strategic advocacy, Best Management Practices, capacity building, provision of market information and policy change interventions to the industry.



  • To enhance the well-being of the Ghana oil palm industry through research, development and excellent services



  • To bring together all stakeholders in the oil palm sector
  • To promote sustainable growth and development of the oil palm industry.
  • To play a “watch dog” and peer review roles in ensuring best management practices in the oil palm industry.
  • To champion the institution of transparent FFB/CPO pricing mechanism for the industry.
  • To create employment opportunity in the industry.
  • To identify and promote the closure of yield gaps in the industry.
  • To advocate on key issues impacting the oil palm sector in Ghana.



  • Expand and improve the current uses of oil palm products.    
  • Find new uses for the products.    
  • Improve production efficiency and quality of Crude Palm Oil.     
  • Optimise land utilisation in oil palm areas.    



  • To adopt strong market and industry-oriented research and development programmes.     
  • To aggressively undertake transfer of technologies and commercialization of research results.     
  • To forge an active partnership in technology development and utilization with the private and public sectors.     
  • To strengthen international linkages and research collaboration in selected areas.